About Us

Headquartered in Warren, Michigan, Accurate Painting Company has earned a region-wide reputation for pleasing customers with excellent work, performed professionally – from dedicated employees always careful to make the customer’s objectives central to the job.

Established in 1995 by Joe Badalamenti – who owns and leads the company to this day – Accurate Painting has developed solid credentials working with retail, commercial and industrial customers. We’ve got extensive experience working with the tallest downtown buildings, just as we’re the best at taking offices and conference rooms, making them beautiful and inviting and a joy to your entire staff.

Our 50 employees are chosen for their skills in the craft, as well as for their customer service acumen, and are carefully trained to deliver results that meet the exceedingly high standards of our company and our customers.

It all adds up to a professional, reliable, customer-focused company that understands your needs and has the skill, experience and determination to achieve them.